Team Work Empowerment

What we do?

We seek to advise the organization to achieve optimization their work performance and maintain a balance between collaborators and the objectives of the Company.

We advise in situ and personalized your environment and various work teams; we seek to achieve well-being and performance in a healthy, efficient environment, with goals collective and alerts to new challenges.


Transcend in our clients, leaving an associative footprint, that translates into improving their work performance, quality of life, economic results and organizational strengthening. We seek a partnership with your company in the long term and innovate constantly to respond to your requirements.


To be a leading organization in innovation and development of associative skills, to achieve that our clients and their workers live an experience that empowers and channels their collective and individual goals.


Create an alliance with your organization and accompany the growth of your work teams, to generate a movement cohesive between management and collaborators that look welfare, optimize work performance and rationale; called "Synergy of collective success".

• Know the objectives and culture of the organization

• Know the work teams and work environment

• Create custom plans according to your requirements and objectives.

• Train and create collective awareness to optimize job performance.

• Track in situ effective communication to achieve goals

• Improve the worker’s quality of life and organization.

• Efficient management in HR to foresee labor and judicial conflicts.

Our philosophy is to promote teamwork!

We seek to create a work habit based on collective goals and work development under the study of 6 paradigms that promote collective synergy.

Empowerment 1+1=3


Cell strengthening

Learning from nature

"6 Senses"

Symphony search


Analysis of working conditions, of work teams and of the individual and his environment.

  • General analysis of environmental working conditions
    per floor or work area (up to 150 m2). Includes ergonomics, luminaires, furniture, connectivity
    between workers and leaders and general condition.
  • Individual Analysis and per job position.
    Physical test (questionnaire and anthropometric measurements).
  • Individual Nutritional Evaluation

Incorporate healthy habits that seek to improve the quality of life of the worker and the work teams; We use different techniques to have a healthy body and mind and thus perform more and better.

  • Physical training plan.
  • Nutritional plan for healthy habits.
  • Ergonomic Plan.
  • Gymnastics Pause – Yoga – relaxation – move chagres.
  • Holistic massage and therapy.
  • Laugh therapy.

Team of lawyers specialized in HR and law labor we standardize processes. We are an integral part of Company.

  • Preventive Legal Audit.
  • Review and / or writings drafting, contracts, letters of
    reprimand and dismissal, protocols, procedures and
    labor and legal documents.
  • Inspection and Internal Control.
  • Representation to the labor inspectorate.
  • 24 x 7 assistance.

Somos un COACH en terreno que entrega estímulos cotidianos y seguimiento personalizado para cumplir los objetivos propuestos en conjunto.

  • Team Work empowerment (desarrollo paradigmas).
  • Coaching winning mind.
  • Experiencias vivenciales.
  • Gold mine effect

We are a COACH in the field that provides daily stimuli and personalized follow-up to meet the objectives proposed together.

  • Team Work empowerment (paradigm development).
  • Coaching winning mind.
  • Experiential experiences.
  • Gold mine effect

We perform various outdoor activities for
enhance your work teams:
Beach, Field, Adventure Sports, Horseback Riding and

What box are you?

They never do enough

• They always claim
• They surrender "Very hard"

Do only what is necessary

• Sometimes they complain.

Always do extra!

• They never complain.

They demand, I can!

They fight for the dream impossible. "I CAN, WE WE CAN ".
• Clear objectives.
• Weekly Plan Development.
• Daily goals.
• Looking for short results long term. Individual and collective.

Mental strength

You are working from the fear. You keep safe and with a behavior. Or you live from the courage and you demand on pain to get to your ZONE OF COMFORT.

Pay the price

• Deliberate delivery of minutes practicing the A, B, C without ask them or tell what to do.


• Give yourself to maximum today for have the maximum benefit to the future!



Sebastian Sultzer
+569 98652284
Pintor John Searle 1337 / Las Condes.

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