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Chicken and pork products

Cleaned and fresh, no yellow skin, no feathers, no blood or blood stains, no black pads, ice content: 0.3%, Moisture < 1%

Half carcass, Tenderloin, Collar, Shoulder, Belly, Loin bone, Ribs, Other cuts and Giblets…

Atlantic Salmon, Chilean Seabass, Steelhead Trout, Swordfish and Chilean Hake. Present onsmall portions and Froozen.

Octopus, Sea urchin, Abalones, Sea Asparragus, Wild paganonian mussels , Crabs and other cuts…

Sea food products

And our bests cherries!

We have the best varieties of Chilean cherries, all of them conserved in boxes of 5 Kg. (50 x 30), which make a total of 176 boxes per pallet and 20 pallets per container.

Varieties available:
Bing, Brooks, Kordia, Lapins, Regina, Reinier, Santina, Sweet Hearth y Royal Dawn.



Sebastian Sultzer
+569 98652284
Pintor John Searle 1337 / Las Condes.

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