We promote Tourism in Chile

We seek to promote our ancestral roots through cultural tourism, preservation of our identity, diversity of customs, traditions and global sustainability.

We promote Adventure Tourism in Chile


Benefit thousands of families that can receive income in foreign currency being a tourist export service with high economic and sustainable impact. As a principle, we seek to lift our communities out of poverty, generate value and bring them closer to the international community and today’s globalized world.


We will create a sustainable economic model that encourages typical and diverse activities in our communities, which include the global environment, accurately reflecting the true meaning and raison d’être of these. Giving value to the tourism work we do in Chile.


This experience of Hospitality and the heritage route; It must include accommodation, food, typical activities, agricultural, cultural, sports, tourist guides, among others; in rustic places with municipal authorization and government sponsorship and thus live the experience.

Accelerator Axes

Massive educational plan of our identity and heritage.

Incubators for productive development and ethnic development services.

Active and permissive municipalities for efficient operation.

Complementary routes, trade and unified supply between communities.

Development of accesses to the various destinations (logistics).

Sustainable production chain with web accessibility and online payments.


The use of technologies in the tourism industry in Chile is considerably lower compared to the industry worldwide. The smaller the company, the less the use of technology with respect to the industry.

While internet use is on the rise, the use of e-commerce, OTAs, PMS, Channel Manager, Google analytics, social media interaction, and web updates remains precarious.



We seek that every businessman knows how to position his destiny and generate interaction with users and prospects.

OTA´S (Booking, Expedia, Despegar, Trip Advisor...)

Today tourism is sold 100% online. Specialized sites and tourism agencies are the key to getting to know and position a destination.

PMS (Property Management System)

The use of tourism management control systems, helps to noticeably improve the performance of the company, in all its areas including management, housekeeping, financial, supplier payment, among others.


Computer tool that allows you to centralize all your tourist offer from the same point. This is essential because the tourist offer is increasingly varied since there are also more and more companies that distribute their products.


As through social networks and fan pages, you can make your service known to a world without borders by guiding according to the segment you want to attract.


It is a tool that helps determine the best possible sale price (accommodation), according to the supply and demand of a certain period.


How to build customer loyalty digitally and, thanks to their experience, be able to recommend and visit me again.